Loans – Price comparison, facts and links for those who want to borrow USD 30,000.

If you are thinking of borrowing USD 30,000, here we will try to help you with some basic facts and tips. You can also find price comparisons and links here on the site that can be used to make a correct decision.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Loans

When a loan of USD 30,000 is applied for, it is almost exclusively the question of a private loan or a blank loan that they are also called. This is a loan with no collateral which means that the interest rate will be higher than for example a mortgage loan but at the same time you can use the borrowed money for anything. The term of a private loan extends from 1 year and then up to a maximum of about 12 years. The duration of the various lenders offers varies, and there may also be rules that say that a private loan of this kind, which is relatively small, cannot even have a long maturity.

When it comes to the interest rate for a private loan, the one that was said to be higher than for a mortgage and unfortunately there is another negative thing for you who intend to borrow just USD 30,000 or some other lower sum. This disadvantage is that lenders often charge a significantly higher interest rate for the smaller private loans than they do for those who want to borrow larger amounts.

At the same time, you should never borrow more money than you need at the moment as it will cost even more. It just has to be prepared that the interest rate will be relatively high for this loan.

Requirements for borrowing USD 30,000

Borrowing this amount is no big problem, provided you have a finances under control. There may even be lenders who lend the money to people who have payment notes. Otherwise, the basic requirement is usually that a borrower should have an income of about USD 10,000 per month, be written in Sweden, be of legal age and some other similar basic requirements. A credit check will be conducted and if this does not show any oddities, an application will be approved.

Where can you borrow?

It will most certainly not be particularly difficult for you to find a lender that offers private loans of this size. This is for example when all major banks lend this sum. Then there are also a number of other lenders who also lend USD 30,000 in the form of private loans.

Of course, the lenders who have physical offices can visit this or contact them in another way to apply for a loan. Otherwise, all lenders receive loan applications through their websites. Thus, it is not difficult to submit an application and if it is done online, all information about the procedures is printed on the website.

Compare interest rates

Compare interest rates

Below you can find a quick comparison of interest rates from a number of lenders. If you want a more detailed comparison where we have a little more information, you can visit the department here on the site where we compare loans of various kinds.

Some of the lenders you find below are so-called loan intermediaries. They collect banks and lenders under one roof instead of lending themselves. You can then apply for a loan of USD 30,000 and get answers from many different lenders, compare the interest rates and choose the one you like best.