Loans – Price comparison, facts and links for those who want to borrow 300,000 USD.

You who read this article most certainly have an interest for some reason of borrowing USD 300,000. Therefore, here we will take a closer look at what applies to this loan amount. We will try to go through the various common options you have and also give you a good idea of ​​the interest rates that the different lenders charge for a loan.

Different ways to borrow USD 300,000


You can borrow USD 300,000 in slightly different ways. The most common is probably to take a private loan, as these often extend up to over USD 300,000. Furthermore, it may be possible to obtain a loan with collateral but then it will be required that certain things are fulfilled that we will look into.

Loan with collateral


If you want to borrow USD 300,000, it is probably not for you to buy a house and thus you cannot use a newly purchased one for this loan. But if you previously own a home of some kind that is not fully mortgaged, it may be an opportunity to borrow more on this. The big advantage of borrowing your money in this way is that the interest rate will be lower. At the same time, it is required that you, as I said, own a home and have room to borrow on it.

Other loans with collateral are, for example, car loans and if you want to borrow USD 300,000, it is perfectly reasonable that the money should just be for a car considering the prices now for the time being. The tip is then that you are primarily looking for a car loan as these are often more advantageous than private loans. It may also be that you are borrowing for something else specific and then there may be a certain type of loan that has already focused on this.

Private loans / loans

Private loans / loans

As you can see, it requires that you either borrow for something special or that you previously own something that can be borrowed for a loan with collateral. If you do not have the option of such a loan, the choice is for you a private loan or a blanc loan as it is also called.

These are a little more expensive if you look at the interest rate than, for example, mortgages. This has to do with the fact that there is no collateral for the lender, which means that there is a greater risk of lending money. But if you want to borrow USD 300,000 you probably have no other choice. One advantage of a home loan is that you can use the borrowed money for anything. The lender is only interested in having an economy that is good enough to handle the repayments.

If you manage the credit check, it is no problem to borrow the money no matter what you want to do. To be able to pass this credit check, you must meet the requirements set by the lenders. In our article on loan terms for private loans, we have taken a closer look at this and therefore it can be a good read. But quickly you can say that you should have a stable income and not have any payment notes.

Borrow money in the form of a private loan

Borrow money in the form of a private loan

If you choose to borrow money in the form of a private loan, you can largely control yourself over the term of such a loan. Lenders say that a private loan with them can be taken in about 1 – 12 years. A short maturity will then mean a higher monthly cost, but instead the loan will in total be cheaper when you pay interest for a shorter period. If you take a quick look at the whole thing and compare a loan of USD 300,000 that is taken in 5 and 10 years, the result shows that the cost will be roughly double for the longer loan. The monthly cost will be about USD 2,500 higher if you want to pay off the loan for 5 years compared to 10. Thus, a trade-off that you have to make where the stress that the economy can manage.

Comparison of interest rates

Comparison of interest rates

If you read the list here under the article you will find a comparison between a number of lenders including the major banks. Here we have compared what it costs to take a private loan with them. As you can see, the figure is in an interval and the positive for you here is that the larger private loans often have a lower interest rate than the smaller ones. So if your finances are good, you can probably get an interest rate that is around the lowest specified figure.

In the list below, we have only compared the effective interest rate between the different lenders. If you want to get a more detailed comparison, you can visit our department where we compared private loans of USD 30,000 – 350,000.